About Us!

Hi-Smart Laboratories is a group of technical individuals specializing in many fields within the electrical engineering community. We develop electrical circuitry to better the world. We do research on telecommunications systems, creating labs, experimenting with VoIP, analog, digital, and consumer/carrier grade multiplexing technologies. Not to leave out our impact on the environment. We have multiple individuals across the U.S. salvaging, repairing, and saving equipment from landfills and dumps, that otherwise is considered as trash. We firmly believe in the old saying "One mans trash in another mans treasure". We save all kinds of telecommunications equipment, as well as document it. We have a large semi-private collection of manuals, software, and other digital media. We are constantly experimenting with new and old technologies to better our society. We also experiment in 'Life Safety Technologies' such as fire alarm systems, security systems, emergency lighting equipment, emergency communications systems, etc. We have a collection of test/repair gear, we have the ability to do big and small electronics repair. Founded in early 2014 originally as "Hi-Smart", venturing off into many sub-groups, such as "Black Diamond Software", We started a small YouTube channel "Hi-Smart Alarms" focussing on 'Life Safety' equipment, as well as "Hi-Smart Laboratories", to focus on telecommunications, RF engineering, and networking technologies. Eventually, we also created a sub-group named 'Telex Telecommunications' not to be confused with 'Telex', the teletype company, or 'Telex', the avionics communcations company. We also have partnered with other groups, mainly 'ProtoStar Solutions', which has made several wonderful additions to the community of "niche" technical equipment. Such as an alarm system central station, and the first home built ripple signal transmitter, soon followed by ourselves to make the second home built ripple transmitter.