ScadaMESH Telemetry Equipment
TRB Circuit Board

With the reliability of the old, and the features of the new, HSL is hoping to revolutionize the SCADA market. Modern SCADA solutions have been overcomplicated by using wireless networking equipment, LTE, or Ethernet. We believe that these solutions can be unreliable, painful to setup, and are more costly in the long term. The new ScadaMESH equipment from HSL counteracts these issues by using standard licensed or unlicensed VHF/220/UHF commercial band radios, and low speed data modems to keep the simplicity. With less complicated, and modular RTU design, implementation is simple, cost effective, and is easy to understand.

ScadaMESH's modular design makes our equipment perfect for almost any industry. Retrofitting is in our design! Our products are designed around replacement of older equipment, keeping support for outdated communications standards. Weather it's fiber or leased lines, we have a solution for you!

Soon to come... the TRB-4!
TRB Circuit Board
  • Motorola Quik-Call 2 Compatible
  • 4 SPDT Relays and 4 Analog/Digital GPIO
  • Price to be determined
  • Integrated De-Emphesis Filter
  • For information or pre-orders, please email